About cowokrakus


Kenneth Chandra


Kenneth and Grat from Cowokrakus

What is Cowokrakus?

Cowokrakus is a blog focusing on sharing my view, and experience of culinary world.  The people behind this blog is myself Kenneth Chandra. I just love to explore new things, taste new flavours, and share my stories and experience through writings and videos in the near future.


ms Gratiana Lianto

I call my self Cowokrakus, because it means someone who loves to eat very much. I think it defines my passion and love about food, therefore i can call my self that.

penampakan saya.

Mr cowokrakus aka Kenneth Chandra

Contact information

I would love it if you guys contact us to say hi or anything so feel free!

Email: ken@cowokrakus.com

Line: cowokrakus

instagram: https://instagram.com/cowokrakus/

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