Hog’s Breath Cafe is an Australian chain first opened in 1989 at Arlie Beach serving a rich variant of western old school bbq and drinks. It is finally available in Jakarta. It is located at the famous Tribeca Park, Central Park Mall. I was very excited to finally try their rich selections of steaks and other classics.

The Place

The place is open, so do not be disappointed when you don’t see any kind of air conditioner here. There is no actual door, just a really open space between the indoor and outdoor space. I can see myself come after 6 p.m just because it is cooler outside, and if you-re lucky you can see the water show from distance!





The place is actually pretty cool. The bar is very convincing with a confident collection of boozes and drinks. The decorations keeps the restaurant’s original concepts with the brick walls and pictures everywhere. Other than the absence of air conditioning, i love how this place looks.

The food


Jumbo Combo IDR 149.000

Classics. There are no weird dishes. Just pure classics. We started our feast with this huge portions of Jumbo Combo of delicious deep fried goodies. It is consisted of curly fries, calamari, buffalo chicken wings, baked potatoes, and chicken strips . However for me the highlight of the dish is the calamari, as it is very well coated, crispy, and tender.


Baked potatoes topped with cheese and sour cream


Calamari : It doesn’t break when you bite it. The dipping sauce makes it better


Mozzarella sticks , gooey and crispy, needs more seasoning in my opinion

STEAKS IDR 269.000


Prime rib Australian beef steak topped with cheese, salsa and jalapeno


The shrimp variant , also IDR 269.000

The most exciting menu for me is the steaks. I love steaks. Especially when it is cooked just right. Hog’s Breath Cafe does it the right way. The meat is so juicy and pink on the inside. I love how you can cut it efforlessly and how the meat literally melts in your mouth tender. The meat has the right amount of seasoning too, even so, i recommend adding more black pepper. We tried two different toppings on our steaks, the shrimp and the cheese and jalapeno. I love the shrimp one better because the shrimp is so juicy and bouncy. The jalapeno is alright, but shrimp wins all the time right? However, the meat is the champ hands down.




Full rack Smoked Pork BBQ ribs IDR 289.000



Look at the size!


Smoked Herbs Beef Ribs IDR 228.000 ❤

We got the chance to try two different kind of ribs. The pork and the beef.The pork ribs is supposedly to be the main attraction of the day. Usually i choose pork over beef 9 out of 10 times. This time though, i pick the beef. The pork ribs is very good, the portion is generous, with the right amount of sauce coating on the outside. The bones are tender and the seasoning is well infused into the meat. However, i think the meat is somewhat a little bit on the tough side for me.

The beef ribs… is heavenly. You will have to prepare yourself for these 5 glorious huge ribs full of awesomeness. The sauce is dark and thick, make the ribs full of flavour. The meat is SO TENDER, i am not even joking. The texture is almost as soft and tender as beef brisket. The sauce penetrates deep into the meat. My favourite out of the two.




Left to right:

Shirley Temple IDR 55.000, Strawberry smoothies IDR 38.000



Peach Mojito IDR 45.000

We got ourself some special beverages here. The strawberry smoothies is very thick and sweet. Maybe some people who are craving for sweet stuffs will love it. The strawberries are very fresh in this drink. The shirley temple mocktail is a very pretty looking drink with bright orange and pink colour consisting of orange juice, ginger ale, and a splash of grenadine  which gives the drink reddish colour on the bottom. I love the colour of the drink, and it is quite refreshing as well. It is a bit too sweet for my taste, but the sourness kind of make the drink balanced. The peach mojito  however, is very tasty. I can smell the mint and lime quite well in this one. The alcohol is pretty strong too, but i can still enjoy it as the peach flavour make it easy for me to drink this one.




In final conclusion, we enjoyed our experience in Hog’s Breath Cafe. I t is more on the pricey stuffs. However, if you are craving for some well made classics like steaks or ribs, this place will do good for your cravings!

Try it yourself and enjoy!

Happy Rakus-ing!

Hog’s Breath Cafe

Tribeca GF-15, Central Park Mall
Jl. Let. Jend. S. Parman Kav. 28
Jakarta 11470
(021) 56989999
Phone: (+6221) 56985336
Instagram: @hogsbreath_id