Indonesians love to eat. It doesn’t matter where you go in Jakarta, almost at every place you can find a food vendor. In general, countries in Asia like Singapore, Hong kong, and Thailand, people tend to hang out a lot later in the day. Most places are still open until at least 10 p.m. Indonesia is no exception to this rule, we just love to eat and hang out, regardless of the time.

This place is open for 24 hours. You can come at any time of the day, 7 days a week. A very good thing since we can all get hungry at any time, Right?





The place is located across a very well known university in Jakarta, Trisakti. Also there are some other big universities placed not too far away from this place, like Tarumanagara, and Ukrida. Considering the type of food this place serves, i think it can only be a good thing that those students can just come here at any time.

Entering the place the kitchen is the first thing we gonna see. It is the biggest part of the restaurant. We were lucky enough to be seated outside, because i find it a lot cooler. The place is dominated with some bright colours, like red and yellow. There is no air conditioner inside the place, just some basic tables and fans.



Belgian Toasted Bread


The best thing about this place, is that they care about their ingredients. We had a chance to talk with the owner, and he said that the restaurant use mostly home made ingredients. Yes, they make their own chocolate, peanut butters, and more. This Belgian toasted bread is my favourite out of all of the dish i tied. Maybe, because i have a very deep love with chocolate. The peanut butter was good, but the chocolate was even better. Its smooth and the sweetness is not too overpowering. The combination works really really well. The bread is still a bit too thick for me though. And yes, they make their own bread too. They call it Belgian because as the owner told me, the best chocolate come from Belgium. Oh well how about that Switzerland?

IDR 13.000



The name is very unique on this one, selimut hijau means “green blanket”. Lady jutek means “mean lady”. The green blanket is understandable because it has green leafs as covering. The mean girl, probably represents the heat that comes from the hot sauce? Inside the “blanket” we will find toasted bread ( yes, the thick ones), with some tuna , some chili sauces, and potato pieces. It is very savoury, and satisfying, i actually quite like this one though. It tastes like a very warm and delicate sandwich. I can see myself eating this as replacement of main dishes. Well as long as it has meat in it i can deal with it.

IDR 18.000



The name says it all. This thing is most likely the symbol of this place.Its basically toasted bread with this sprinkles of colourful toppings. Well at least each colour has their own unique flavour.  A very attractive looking dish for your picture taking. This thing is pretty, but not for me. It is too sweet for my liking. However, it does look very pretty.

Price: IDR 15.000



The first drink is Teh mata kucing which translates to ” Cat eyes tea”. It is basically ice milk tea, with added lychee on top. The lychee represents the eyes. Maybe. I like this drink because you can really taste the lychee flavour infused into the milk tea. The flavours blend really well together and the fruity smell makes it very refreshing.

Price:IDR 12.000

Fresh milk oreo, is also quite good. The whole thing is not dominated by oreo cookies, therefore  you can still drink it pretty easily. You still can smell the oreo in it, but it is not so overpowering that you need to over chew every single time you slurp it. Very fresh and balanced.

I should mention that both of above items served in a very funky shaped glasses which i adore.

Price: 13.000



Avocado juice is one thing i really love. Blend it with mocca and you get this thing. It’s not bad but not great. I don’t find the mocca to be necessary as it causes the drink to lose it’s essential scent, maybe it’s just me. I don’t hate it, but it’s my least favourite. I would not order it ahead of the cat eyes pr the fresh milk oreo 🙂 .

Price: IDR 15.500


Well i think this place really serves it’s purpose. Serving great food at any time with a very very good price. It’s not something very new or crazy by any means, but you can do a lot worse than IDR 13.000 toasted bread with homemade chocolate spread. I think the menu is a bit much too handle, as i prefer more simplicity.However, i respect the ideas and creativity that this place implement. Some of the food and drinks named with very ear catching names, along with their own backgrounds stories. My final thoughts is that the good pricing makes it worth it to come and try this place.


Jalan Dokter Susilo Blok C No. 3

Jakarta Barat

DKI Jakarta 11450


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