It’s halloween yesterday! And we were at the Puri Orchard Apartment, Jakarta. Why? Because for second consecutive weekend, this place hosted a food festival called “Jakarta Foodies Meet”. We were very excited to go and luckily the traffic wasn’t that bad that night.

The place was not as crowded as i thought. We were there around 7 pm to 8.30 pm. The first thing we did was checking the halloween costume competition. We were literally had our jaws dropped by the intensity of the competition. People really brought their best efforts. The costumes were ridiculously scary and real looking. I was shocked on how dedicated people were to make their costumes! Here are some of those scary looking “ghosts”!





The food stands were very interesting. We had a pretty tough time to decide which one to get and which one pass. So here are some of the foods we missed but we think deserve to be looked at just to admire for a second. Lets drool!




And here is a very very sexy looking and seductive chicken skins for you ❤






And here are some food that we got and will try to brag:



And here are some cute looking baby feeding bottles filled with heavenly good tasting milk from Shlurp. There are some flavours here like green tea, taro, bubble gum etc. We got the thai tea flavour, which was very pleasing.

Price: idr 20.000  for the small one

And don’t forget to smile while you drink. 🙂


Tasted okay, with pretty generous portion of meatballs. very recommended.


I personally prefer the meatballs than the fried wonton.

price: idr 20.000



This burger stand offer two different kinds of burgers. The one with red buns, and the one with blue buns. And just because of  my obsession with the Smurfs, i picked the blue one. The taste of the meat is pretty good, pretty juicy and moist. However the negative here is that i find the bun a little bit too thick and sweet. I prefer the regular sesame seed buns but the shocking colours really stand out.


And… yes i have a mouth with the size of your car.

Price: idr 20.000


I personally wanted to try this one because of all the hype it has on Instagram. The looks is very promising. I picked the colourful cereals as my toppings.The taste? Love it! The cereals give the chocolate some crunchiness. The chocolate is thick and delicious. However, the real deal is the banana itself. Its literally frozen like ice cream, and the natural sweetness of the banana really kicked my tastebuds.



Price: idr 15.000


This stand sells fish fingers with added twists. They add some chili flakes, mayo, and some seaweed to it. The fish is very crispy and flaky on the meat. The condiments really set this dish apart. Very very very good. The only downside is that the chili mix powder is a bit too salty for me, but in the end it is still made me wanting more of it.


Price : idr 30.000 for fish only bowl.


I actually enjoyed my time here. The costumes really made my halloween night feels pretty legit. The foods were decent too. I still found some regular looking foods here and there, but overall the prices are fair, and the place was pretty bright and the temperature was just right. (Sometimes such events can be a sauna).

So that is all for tonight people! Hope you guys enjoyed your weekend as much as i did!

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