The Cup Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta


Indeed, this restaurant is a classic example of a modern Korean restaurant. Serving varieties of rice and noodle. From the outside the green colour is very attractive with all the edges looking very sharp.

I always love Korean food, from the grilled meat, kimchi, all kind of soups and more. I love jap chae so much i literally learn how to make them myself. So, i am pretty excited about this restaurant’s potential, regardless of its small entrance.



Once entering the restaurant, you will be entertained by the very cute looking tables and seats in it. The decoration is dominated with a lot of green, and wood colouring. Personally i like it here, it feels very fun and spacious. Just like what the slogan said  “Stylish Korean Restaurant”, it is indeed a very stylish place. Green and wood always work well together, don’t they?



Also, don’t forget to check out all the pictures on the wall. You can probably spot more Korean girls pictures than any Korean dramas. The vibe is set by the TV running constant Korean music. Not my cup of tea, but i can tell many will be very satisfied.




Yes, like many Korean restaurants, you will get some kind of small dishes to start you off. This time some fresh kimchi and some macaroni with mayo. Basic stuffs, but necessary. The kimchi has a very thick sauce on it. Which i really into.

Mushroom bulgogi with rice  


IDR 58.000/ IDR 68.000 (large)


This dish looks like the traditional bibimbap, it has all the essential ingredients in it: onions, carrots, scallions, sesame and sesame oil and some mushroom. To top it of they give you several slices of juicy and perfectly seasoned bulgogi beef. The taste is very safe and nice. I like how all the different component work together in harmony. For me, several spoon of chilli sauce will elevate the dish.

Spicy samgyeop noodle

IDR 58.000



Warning: this dish is very spicy. The classic Korean hot sauce is drenched all over some cooked noodles and pan fried pork belly. Topped with some sliced scrambled egg and chilli pepper. I find the noodle to be a bit too hard for my liking, so i would suggest you to tell the waiters to cook it a bit longer. The pork belly is very crispy and the seasoning is perfect. Not too salty and just right. Overall if you like spicy food, this one will definitely be your favourite.



Overall i find The Cup as an option for you if you like to have a very modern Korean style rice set, in a very modern decorated place. The ice tea is all you can drink, which is always a good thing. I can’t say its my favourite Korean place to go to, but it is pretty solid, and considering the area its located, the price is pretty fair.

Thank you for reading my very first review !!! Now off to bed people! zzzzz….

The Cup Indonesia

stylish Korean restaurant”

Ruko Crown Golf Blok D no. 50 , Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta

(021) 99250250

instagram: Thecup_id